Requirements before engagement:

The Candidate’s Official Agent agrees to:

  1. Open a candidate’s campaign bank account which returns cancelled cheques or images of cancelled cheques (cancelled cheques are those cheques that are issued and clear your bank account).

  2. Use Elections Canada EFR software to issue official receipts.

  3. Use Elections Canada EFR software to record Electoral Campaign Expenses.

  4. Provide to Chaplin & Co. an completed electronic copy of the EFR software database file (located on clients computer).

  5. Provide Completed MS Excel Spreadsheets (templates provided by Chaplin & Co.) which record details of;

    1. Fundraising Events.

    2. Sign Inventory brought into the campaign and existing at the end of the campaign.

    3. Bank transactions and payables.

    4. Contribution Income details,

  6. Organize and provide all expense documentation (invoices / purchases receipts / contracts / agreements) according to a voucher system (as defined by Chaplin & Co.).

  7. Provide all required documentation for audit to Chaplin & Co. for audit within 40 days of polling day in order to guarantee meeting the filing deadline.

Engagement Process:

  1. In order for Chaplin &Co. Chartered Accountants to become your campaign auditor an agreement must be signed by you. The agreement in this case is called an Engagement. If you meet and agree with the requirements noted above and would like Chaplin & Co. Chartered Accountants to become your appointed campaign auditor you will need to complete and submit the engagement request form. Chaplin & Co. Chartered Accountants will be in touch with you shortly after your submission to discuss the possibility of working as your campaign auditor.